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Corporate name c|rs`mc`qc@hnc.
Establishment 2007/01/02
Foundation 2007/04/02
Employees 120
Average age 26.4
Capital 10,000,000(JPY)
Business manager Tomohiro Koseki, CEO

Ginza Chuou building 6F, 8-16-5, Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
TEL :@03-6228-4307
FAX :@03-6228-4308

License Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare 13-308619
Business Outline
Main Business Connections
  • MIRAIT Technologies Corporation
  • Hewlett-Packard Development Company
  • Lend Lease Japan Inc.
  • Kyoritsu maintenance Group
Company History
2005 We played an active role as a division in Business Flow Technologies Corporation.
2007 D-STANDARD Inc. established.
2008 The head office replaced to Ginza.
Management Policy Spread Passion @ge over the world!
Through information technology, the world's brightest Passion @ge is created.
Our employees, gP@h have a common belief, gIT~DREAM=.h Moreover, we would be a unique company where P@'s dream come true.
Passion @ge EEE The generation who have higher humanity and pursue their dreams and goals with enthusiasm, mainly 18~35 years.
Organization Chart Organization Chart