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Policy of Tour Karin. D-STANDARD Inc.

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  Policy of Tour Karin

This tour has power to make dreams came true.

Tour Karin  

8.JIGYO-TSUKU ~making projects
-“IT×DREAM=∞” is realized in this step.

7.YUME-TSUKU ~making dreams came true  
- It's the opportunity to have a person-to-person talk with CEO.

6..MOTE-TSUKU ~making fans  
- ANIKI, leaders of divisions, tell you how to make your fans.

5.GIJU-TSUKU ~making your skills
- Employees gather together to reskill, and learn new skill at the head office.

4.E-T ~Education Technology    
- The scene is to learn and improve skills. It's not the The Extra-Terrestrial.
3.J-D ~Join-in-D-STANDARD    
- We give employees the MAGIC BOOK, our Management Plans.
- It's the situation to have a communication in small groups once a month.
1.Welcome-back Party
- Almost all employees work at the sites of customers. This is a monthly opportunity to communicate with all employees.

Let's climb Tour Karin step by step, arrive at the top of this tour, and grant your dream together.