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This page shows our services of System Operation & Hosting. D-STANDARD Inc.

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This page shows our services of System Operation & Hosting.

System Operation & Hosting

Our service is to watch over customer's servers and devices of network. We help for their request, stable and safe work. Hosting service, like replacement and modification, is requested when some damages or errors are detected. This division is good environment to take the first step even if you don't have knowledge and experience of IT.

Service List

  • Observation
    To watch on server and network devices if there are some errors of damages or not, with observation tools (Nagios, Zabbix, Hobbit, Xymon, Hinemos, etc.) In the case of error problem, practically we contact with customer and conduct temporary recovery operation.
  • Maintenance & Hosting
    When impairment occurs in server devices, we deal with them by escalation to vender, process reboot, and permanent measure.
  • Regular Operation
    Periodical work requested by customers is performed with Integrated Operation Management tools(JP1, Systemwalker, etc.)