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@@Our Company

Spread Passion @ge over the world!!

Our CompanyWe create prior Passion @ge through IT. We aim to be a company where employees can grant their dreams with our common spirit, gIT~DREAM=h, and to be most popular with customers in IT industry by activities for customers.

In D-STANDARD, MAGIC BOOK takes strong effect.
g Spread Passion @ge over the world!h

Passion @ge is produced on this management policy.

Passion @ge means the age who has higher humanity and pursue their dreams and goals with enthusiasm, mainly 18~35 years. This is our hope to spread them over the world.

Also, we'd like P@ to work being brilliant without loneliness expanded throughout this industry and misfortune of the young.

D-STANDARD provide you with IT solutions based on 4 aspects, IT Infrastructure , Development , System Operation & Hosting , and Mobile Communication .

We promise that we supply not only technology but also a new wind toward customers.